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Name of the Preschool Brand: Orange Ivy Play Schools
Address of Head Office:

Pune - Maharashtra

Contact Number : +91- 9168985566 / +91-8600473473
E-mail id : /
Website :
Current Number of Preschools : 7
Franchise Fees : Tier One: 3,00,000/-
Tier Two : 2,50,000/-
Tier Three : 2,00,000/-
Total investment : Tier One: Under 22 Lacks
Tier Two : Under 18 Lacks
Tier Three : Under 15 Lacks
Minimum Area Requirement :1500 to 2000 Sq/Ft
Royalty : 12%
Time Period for return on investment : 14 to 16 months
Benefits for franchisees and Support offered:

We follow "Affiliate Model Strategy' which ensures end to end support to our franchisees. This is a unique model based on our expertise.

Orange Ivy Play Schools has done the Research & Development—invested in and tested the business model—reducing the risk of failure and improving your odds for success.

Orange Ivy Play Schools will train you in their way of doing business. Franchise receives initial training to open and to operate the business, and on-going training to enhance operating efficiencies and effectiveness. Franchisee gets well-honed, turnkey systems to run their business.

Franchisee receives customisable marketing materials and a promotion schedule to grow your business.

Any specific qualities expected in franchisees :

Franchise should have adequate time to invest in the business. Even if, its investor franchisee, he needs to spend time on business.

Franchise should be pro-active & take initiative to understand how the system works. Should be able to work together, share ideas, and resolve issues together.

Be prepared to play many sub-roles including ordering supplies, meeting with customers and vendors, preparing payroll, resolving discrepancies, etc.

Certifications and Affiliations:

Ranked amongst the Top 5 Play schools in Pune by Education World!

Your uniqueness over other brands : We’re the first school in India to introduce Emotional Intelligence at the play school level.
Franchise brochure :

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