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Name of the Preschool Brand: GIGGS 'N' WIGGS
Address of Head Office:

​No.78, 3rd A Cross, Venkateshwara BlocK, Ben Sathya Enclave, Geddalahalli, Hennur Main Road, Kalyan Nagar Post, Bangalore – 560043

Contact Number : 9986756758/68
E-mail id :
Website :
Current Number of Preschools : 1
Franchise Fees : Tier One: 500000
Tier Two : 500000
Tier Three : 500000
Total investment : Tier One: 500000
Tier Two : 500000
Tier Three : 500000
Minimum Area Requirement :1000 sqft
Royalty : 20%
Time Period for return on investment : 2 years
Benefits for franchisees and Support offered:

This is not just a play home but a serious preschool where the child is educated and taught various skills
We follow a system where the child works with materials and learns various skills such as sensorial, language, mathematics, cognitive, art, music etc.
We are following a world class curriculum that focuses on the holistic development of the child. The curriculum, materials and environment is set up in such a way such that the child enjoys learning and concepts stay with him for life.
We assess each child on various activities in the school on redefined levels. We also observe and record everything the child does in the classroom. All this is fed into software that allows us to evaluate which areas the child is strong in, which areas need improvement, where his / her interests lie and so on.
The teachers are trained using training videos which means, we know exactly what activities are done with the materials and the desired outcomes.
The curriculum is updated annually and new activities are done every month.
We do not burden the child with excessive homework and other things and allow the child to develop at his / her own pace all the while ensuring that our objectives as part of the curriculum are met.
We follow a mixed age group model so that the children really learn quite a bit from the elder child. Also, teaches the elder child a lot on how to care for the younger ones in the environment.
We will be running a school for at least 3.5 to 4 hours rather than just the 2 hours that typical play homes run for

Any specific qualities expected in franchisees :

Have a transportation facility in your school to transport the kids from their respective Residences.
Extra classes such as music, art, dance, day care etc. to be conducted which we will run after school hours.
Daycare & After School care facilities is an added advantage.

Certifications and Affiliations:

Montessori training certificates
Registered Brand name

Your uniqueness over other brands : The curriculum has been developed taking the best practices from several early childhood practices, especially from the Montessori Method and multiple intelligences theory.  The environment does not include a traditional blackboard and benches / desks. Children are taught in an environment where the materials are laid out at child level and the child learns while working with the materials.
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