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Franchiser Details


Name of the Preschool Brand: Podar Jumbo Kids
Address of Head Office:

South Zone Head Office
Ms Shiksha Associates
4, Suvarna Sankranthi Complex,
27th Cross, Bsk 2nd Stage,

Contact Number : 9901455533
E-mail id : enquiries@franchiseexpert.in
Website : http://franchiseexpert.in/?p=1187
Current Number of Preschools : 220
Franchise Fees : Tier One: Rs 2,50,000/-
Tier Two : Rs 2,00,000/-
Tier Three : Rs 2,00,000/-
Total investment : Tier One: 8.5Lacs
Tier Two : 8Lacs
Tier Three : 8Lacs
Minimum Area Requirement :1000 -1500
Royalty : 20%
Time Period for return on investment : 1.9yrs
Benefits for franchisees and Support offered:

The Franchisee division of Podar Jumbo Kids is a specially designed initiative by the Podar Group of schools that focuses on getting partners to start Podar Jumbo Kids centers all across the world enabling ‘Kiducation’ to have an even bigger reach.
We are very aware of the fact that the only way the franchisees will be successful in the long run is by delivering quality education. We make sure that this is done by handholding the franchisee from launch to success. The Podar Jumbo Kid franchise centers are provided with easy to understand manuals for every aspect of operating a Podar Jumbo Kids center such as Ambience docket, Accounts docket, Marketing docket, Events docket etc. Our award winning curriculum that is being followed in all our Podar Jumbo Kid centers across India is also given to the franchise centers and we ensure that it is followed.
The franchise center teachers, center head and the owner as well are given regular extensive training by our academic experts and are always available to support in any way possible.

Any specific qualities expected in franchisees :

Space Required: 1000 - 1500 square feet
Investment : 6 to 6.5 Lakh rupees
Brand Fee : 2.5 Lakh rupees
Total Project Cost : 8.5 Lakh rupees
Royalty : 20%
Term of Franchisee : 20 years
Return of Investment : 1 year 9 months
Centre Head :Definitely required to ensure teacher adhere to quality standards
Assistant teachers : Atleast 2 float teachers
Main teachers : Minimum 1 main teacher per class
Maid : 1 per 20 children

Certifications and Affiliations:

The pedagogy of Podar Jumbo Kids is activity based on EYFS learning infused with Kiducation. Podar Jumbo Kids is the only Kingergarten chain in India with British curriculum- EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage), where the focus is on enhancing seven major skills in children.

Your uniqueness over other brands : Podar Jumbo kids has been the pioneer in creating awareness about Good Touch Bad Touch with Muppet video that has educated over 5,00,000 children all over India. It is no wonder that Podar Jumbo Kids is the parent preferred kindergarten and daycare.
Franchise brochure : http://preschool-franchise.indianplayschools.com/wp-content/uploads/Banner_1.jpg

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